Gneiss Farm

Gneiss Farm
Old Times

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Gneiss Farm

Gneiss Farm is currently being extended on the LH side of the Fiddle Yard by adding an additional two level board measuring 44"x18". The upper level will allow trains to run between the new board Gneiss Cider across the Fiddle area into Gneiss Farm.
The lower level (fully automated) features a Hawe type Loco transiting between the basements of the Cider Plant and a nearby Pub "The Black Cat".
Baseboard has been constructed and the Cider plant basement is currently being modelled.

Front of baseboard showing viewing apertures. on left Cider plant basement , on right Pub cellar. Centre aperture shows a disused tunnel running towards back of layout which will feature a surprise item (visual and sound) for the younger generation. Baseboard sits at table height so ideal for youngsters to view. Adults will have to stopop to see the cellar railway.

 View above shows rear of layout with apertures to access track ends of Auto system.
 Section of basement wall.
 View from above which will not be possible once upper board is fitted.
View through LH aperture, walls still require finishing and floor has to be laid. Cider press will be located at this level.